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About us

Delt papir d.o.o. is a privately owned company that was established in 2003. Today it employs 42 people, which is four times more compared to when we started our business. 

As a result of many years of experience in producing, distributing and selling hygienic paper for households (Consumer) and the professional care segment (Professional), Delt papir has earned the position of a trusted distributor in Croatia and the region.

Our current way of doing business started in 2008. when the owners, with their 20 years of experience in working as distributors for Kimberly-Clark, SCA (Tork) and other well-known brands in this field, recognized and answered the demands of their customers by adapting the production of their whole assortment to the targeted market segment. The modernization of the production process and technological improvements of the production lines were necessary steps to develop the quality of business and achieve the market position that Delt papir now has.

From the very beginning, the goal was not only to distribute but also to produce. Led by this goal, today the company owns one of the most modern manufacturing plants for converting paper products, it has state of the art technologies and is continuously adjusting to the demands of our customers, regardless of our standard assortment.